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MARCH 2019 – Whether you are enjoying newly fallen snow, hiding away under blankets with a good book or favored show, here’s hoping the seasons are treating you well! I for one intend to take advantage of this pre-bug saturation point in the calendar to get outside as much as possible, going for long walks, hikes, playing tennis, and maybe if I’m lucky, going kayaking soon (fingers crossed). Been a solid month, can recap a big push to move some side-projects forward to the point of near completion, which feels great. Have done a minimal amount of new writing unfortunately, but have been dabbling with some short form web design work, that is scratching my creative itch temporarily. Been reigniting my interest in architecture and design as well, watching videos on contemporary architects, who are bending how we perceive space in construction.

Vessel NYC

A recent trip to NYC created the opportunity to observe some of the structures I’ve been following the work on through internet sources. I quite enjoyed visiting what has been dubbed ‘Billionaire’s Row’ in Manhattan, on West 57th and 58th street. What they are building there is quite remarkable in the lengths that they have gone to, juggling rigid zoning rules, massive budgets, and structural challenges and wind conditions to create a series of towering structures. The amount of engineering and design that goes into these locations is mind-boggling. Just watch people trying to construct a gingerbread house (no easy task, haha), and it won’t even give you the slightest taste of how difficult construction work can be.

One of my friends recommended checking out the high line downtown and we took him up on his suggestion. It was a crowded venture, full of tourists (like us, haha), but we worked our way against the flow to Hudson Yard where the architectural/sculptural piece ‘The Vessel’ (pictured) was recently unveiled and opened to the public. Was quite the scene and is certainly quite eye-catching, in a futuristic, alien ship meets pine cone kind of way. Didn’t have the opportunity to climb it, though the presence of the piece certainly made quite an impression and drew in very large crowds. Was cool to see first-hand and reminded me of seeing the cloud gate in Chicago.

Was a non-fiction kind of month in the reading realm. I finished reading several books, the most of note, would be the often spoke of work ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ by Timothy Ferriss. Which is roughly a guide on how to maximize your efficiency in the work place and in turn, in life. I enjoyed his take on the crunch of work/life balance and how to make goals larger than yourself in the forefront of life, and still have time to pursue other passions.

As this always strikes me as being one of the oddities of work/life in the 21st century. Where we have all these labor saving devices and mechanisms, and yet we are caught up in so much drudgery. It seems like the two are in conflict, no? Are we being more productive or less with our time? Timothy Ferriss asks these questions of himself and has built a guide for others to follow in the wake of his knowledge. Automate the mundane and reclaim your life in exchange!

That was the big takeaway for me at least, and something to incorporate into my future plans. It is good to evaluate your own processes and identify where you are being effective and where you are wasting time/energy.

That’s the latest, here’s to nature shifting focus and bringing back a wide range of bright Spring colors.


~ CS

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