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JANUARY 2020 – Writing, often feels like a neglected corner of my creative pursuits, as I am disciplined in many things in my life, but not with my writing. As my expectation is always for it to stand on it’s own and to command space in life naturally, but that never seems to work out as planned, as it doesn’t shout very loud against the coming chaos of everyday life. Does things operate similarly for you? Do your creative pursuits quickly get pushed out of sight in favor of the everyday? Or is it part of your everyday, maybe that is the answer? Not here to make a bold declaration of how 2020 is going to be different, yadda yadda, that never plays well with me.

Have been trying to convince myself, on a continual basis, to push forward the dial on things that I enjoy doing, and this has been a terribly failed agenda for quite some time, haha. Have made some progress though and I did play a tiny bit of video games this month which was fun, glad to have friends that are all on board for such ventures! Reading has long been my tried and true escape for an enjoyable activity, regardless of the season, or wherever I am.

Frank Lloyd Wright Meyer May House

Visited the Meyer May House in Grand Rapids, Michigan, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, for a prominent department store owner. Built in 1909, it is a beautiful example of his prairie style and has stood the test of time, with the help of a full-restoration in 1987. Toured the interior of the historic property, to see first-hand all of the unique details and period design features. The open floor plan on the main level really felt very modern and live-able, was quite impressive.

Definitely gives me a lot of ideas for future designs! I’ve become really sold on indoor/outdoor living built into the design of one’s home. As natural light, flow, and multi-purpose spaces are so vital to how one lives in and relates to their made environment. Gardens, plant-life, construction materials that will stand the test of time, all key.

In the spirit of fun, I snagged a copy of Clive Cussler’s ‘Black Wind’ from a little free library to dive into for a fast-paced action read, didn’t disappoint. Pacific Ocean intrigue meets geo-politics, with the usual rough and ready adventures that Dirk Pitt delivers, haha. Nice to feather in a page turning paperback into one’s reading lineup.

That’s all from me this month, keep at it everyone, take care!

~ CS

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