Snowbound Pondering

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DECEMBER 2019 – Been scribbling notes in a journal for the new book project for two years now, decided, you know, I think I’ll just start writing it, even if I don’t have the complete story mapped out. I have the major arc lined up and written out with the primary characters and their involvement, but typically I have more specifics already committed to paper before I begin writing it in word. So I’m taking a bit of a Stephen King approach here, where I am taking my characters, putting them into circumstances and seeing what they do. With a little help and guidance though from my notes, haha, so not exactly the King approach.

Still, if that much of a nudge gets me writing, I’ll take it! Have started the first chapter and it is now typed out, so away we go. This book is completely different from my previous two books, so the approach and research for it has been an entirely new experience. Think it will really surprise people, in a good way though, haha, have to include that caveat!

December Snow

Holiday season has been wonderful, more than a hint of snow fell this month (though not enough to go snow shoeing or cross country skiing yet, still waiting on that!), tried to capture the precipitation in this photo. Been continuing to get in nature hikes when I can, as you all know how much that fuels the creative process for me. Have spent a lot of time on work projects, but did get a chance to take some time off around Christmas to relax and venture into realms of personal interest and do some local travel.

What worked its way to the top of my reading list this month? Dabbled with a bit more Non-Fiction (and raided my parent’s bookshelf for the pick) in December and read ‘Genius Foods’ by Max Lugavere and Paul Grewal. Book is a very accessible read on nutrition and macro requirements for your brain to become happier, more productive, and even smarter. Found I was on-boarding a lot of the life lessons from previous research, though it did give me stuff to ponder about my own vegetable oil intake, going to research that more.

Pondering seems to be my primary past time these days, haha. One plus side of the cold winter weather is the easy opportunities for getting lost in thought (not that I need any excuse to do that!), it at least comes with less assumed missed opportunity cost. The rest of my creative ventures has been focused around the culinary world with tweaking instant pot recipes and having a great time of it.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year all!

~ CS

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