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MARCH 2020 – Recognize that this month for planet Earth has been anything but typical for so much of the population. Has been weeks now that I have also been keeping a low profile, very much hope you are all well as you read this and that the hardships of today have given way to a healthier tomorrow. In the midst of social isolation I have used the time to really focus on my writing and have been working on my new book every single day. I have a story outline that includes only the major flow of the arc of the characters, that I am going through as I write. New material has come in and changed a lot of the details as I get to know the characters better, which is one of the exciting parts of the creative process, as it really comes to life before your eyes.

Will keep growing the story, I have added new characters that weren’t in my journal process and I’m not sure how they are going to affect the outcome of the story. Guess even I will have to wait and see, haha. Haven’t shared the plot with anyone yet, as it is still early to do that, I want the first draft to be completed before I open it up to feedback. This may or may not be a good tactic, as if I was making a big mistake with the plot, sure would be easier to fix it now, haha. But that has never been my style. To all the writers out there, do you find writers groups helpful? I have never seriously considered joining one, as it doesn’t appeal to me. Would still be curious to know how it works for others.

Atlantic Ocean

Photo from a trip to the ocean before the pandemic reached these shores. Since then I have mainly been laying low and watching movies and reading when I can make time for it. Right now I’m reading ‘Skyward’ by Brandon Sanderson, is a lengthy title and I’m only about a third through it at the moment. Was a recommendation from one of my buddies and I am glad he suggested it. Almost always in the mood for a good sci-fi read and Sanderson rarely disappoints. Will write about it more when I complete it in the coming weeks.

Stay safe everyone!

~ CS

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