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APRIL 2020 – Is interesting how your whole world can be turned upside down in such a short amount of time. Very much hope that everyone out there reading this is doing well! Been another off month, but have thrown myself into my writing, with prolific results. Have sat down to write every single day this month and am starting to get a nice tailwind going into this new project. I very much like the characters and the as of yet unnamed universe in which they are inhabiting. I find myself getting carried away at times in tangents and have to reel myself back in towards the main story line, but largely because I find their lives so interesting. Which I think is a very good problem to have!

This story takes place over an extensive period of time, which is a new challenge to write and I’m still figuring out smart ways to transition and jump from time period to time period. I’ve also been doing some research for this project, which while a work of fiction, operates in a realistic manner that I want to ensure has credibility. Will be consulting those more in the know on this subject matter as well once I have the more technical passages ironed out stylistically, to make sure! I’d be curious to hear from other writers as to how they handle this portion of the creative process. There is a certain amount of creative license that is at play when it comes to fiction, so I do have that going for me as well, haha.

Watering Plants

Taming the jungle in the house here is always a fun job, in this case just watering and ensuring the ultimate victory of the ivy over all in it’s path, haha. Really need to get some more planters to start thinning some of the plants I have out a bit. I have had good luck with various ivy species, what are some of your favored house plants?

As noted last month, I started reading Brandon Sanderson’s book ‘Skyward’ which I completed this month, such a fun read! Definitely recommended for those of you looking for a fun, page turning, bit of science fiction. It is also the first in a trilogy (will be ordering the second one soon!) and fed my imagination quite nicely. Was on Brandon Sanderson’s website and he has an incredible work ethic, you can tell, most impressive. I started watching one of his writing course videos and think I am going to take the whole series of classes, they look like a great bit of writing insight that should only help fuel my current process. Was getting dangerously low on reading material, but had a delivery today, so I’m back flush again, whew!

Stay well everyone, take care!

~ CS

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