Worth the Wait

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MAY 2020 – Page by page, word after word, a new book is coming together, and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with everyone! Haha, that won’t be until next year, but I have kept going and written every day again this month. Somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3rds through the first draft I would say, is hard to know exactly, but I’m roughly that far into my story outline. As per my way, I can’t really share any details of the story with you, but I will say that it is a High Adventure Philosophical Thriller. Not exactly a big section in the library or at Barnes & Noble, but I think this one is going to resonate with readers that do end up picking it up. The characters have really come into their own and their fates have unfolded before me as I went.

Have found that I should try and do my writing first thing in the morning, as frequently my mind has done some subconscious homework for me overnight, to carry into the work. The other optimal time is late in the evening, if it is quiet and I can focus in, that has proven a very effective time as well. The applicability of these two time slots varies depending on my work schedule and environmental factors, but I find that if I make myself write every single day I can keep the momentum going. Not all of it is the best writing I’ve ever done, but it feels good to get something down and I know I will be doing an extra critical second pass over the material in the future.

Have I continued with the Brandon Sanderson writing course videos? Yes! I have seen almost all of them now, definitely recommended to any other aspiring authors and writers out there. Will be taking some of his suggestions with me when I go for that second pass on the writing that I’m doing for the new book. He also says it is good to leave a book for six months and then come back to it after you write the first draft. Don’t see myself doing that with this project, but there is usually a window nearly that large during the editing process and while I’m doing the illustrations, so that could be a chance to get a fresh look at the material and help to determine if it ‘works’ or not.

Did manage to get a hold of some more books to read for this month, after I ran out of other material on hand to pick up. Reading some high adventure classics, currently that would be ‘The Return of Tarzan’ by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who has created one of the most celebrated (and most filmed) characters in literary history. It is the second in the series of Tarzan books, which I believe reaches out an incredible twenty five titles for the series. There are some incredibly prolific writers out there, Brandon Sanderson (a very industrious writer in my opinion himself!) was talking about how some writers are able to put out a new book every month practically(!!). Do you think that is all done with writing partners? Or are they just writing machines who can type endlessly and know their craft so well that they just think creatively in publication format? Haha.

At any rate, I tip my hat to those folks! And to you fair reader! Thanks for stopping by, will keep at it with my third book and see if I can’t complete it for release in the not-too-crazy-distant future!

Will be worth the wait!

~ CS

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