The Book is Done!

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DECEMBER 2020 – Everyone, the book is done! Can you believe it? What were the odds I was going to finish it this year? Like one in a hundred? Haha. I almost can’t believe it, but that might just be because I haven’t had much sleep in weeks trying to finish it, haha, but the deed has been done. The new book, ‘Defending the Kingdom’ is here. I’m going to do an official launch posting in the very near future with links to purchase a copy and some photos of the proof copies for you all to see. Thus far I have ordered a small selection of copies to have as an initial printing of the completed book. Which I’m insanely excited to flip through and add to my collection and share with you all!

Has been a journey to bring the book all the way to publication and I am thrilled with how it came out. Creatively, it is the best work that I’ve done, between the writing and the illustrations, and the combined materials and their impact. Incredibly curious to hear what readers think of it and find its meaning to be. As this is a high adventure philosophical thriller and is twice as long as my previous book. It is more geared for an older audience, which I would say is likely for advanced readers over the age of twelve, given that it is a young adult book versus juvenile fiction, like my previous two titles.

December 2020 WGA

The last several months has felt like a bit of a sprint to reach the series of deadlines that I set for myself. Whether it be getting the cover art layout perfected, the grammar vetted for the book, or any of the countless other details that you need to finalize before launch. Both the print version and the e-book version are complete and ready to go for launch. Which I will set for this coming week, Tuesday perhaps, as that is the typical launch day of the week for books and I can start promoting it then. Very proud of how it came out, I have read through it dozens of times at this point, so my objectivity is more than a bit bonkers at this stage, haha. But I have had one generous test reader (Thanks Deb!), go through it with me and offer up the very first feedback on it, which was immensely helpful.

Feel like this post is all over the place, as I’m just really really excited. And I hope that this piece finds its audience, as it has a lot to offer the reader bold enough to take it on! More information soon, just wanted to share my excitement with you all. And extend a massive thank you to my dear family and friends who have been so supportive of my writing and offered me encouragement, it means the world. I know the details of the book have been kept a complete mystery, but the wait is over. And all will be revealed!

More soon! Thanks for stopping by!

~ CS