Defending the Kingdom

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If William Loch only knew how many lives were depending on him… Born on the tiny northern island of Carraig, he is a skilled sailor, scholar, and gentleman, with a uniquely analytical mind. And everything is fair game when it comes to surviving encounters with vicious marauders, vile corruption, and violent storms at sea. William, along with his ambitious twin brother James, seek to build their fortunes by leveraging their father’s growing shipping company, turning it into a powerful business empire. Opportunity abounds, but the twin’s rivalry fuels an invisible danger that threatens to destroy not only their family but the entire nation.

Defending The Kingdom Banner

I am so proud to announce that ‘Defending the Kingdom’ is ready to be shared with the world! It is an incredible honor to have such a supportive and encouraging audience who has kept me going on my creative work since even before I was a student in art school, it means the world to me, and I appreciate it. Work has continued on steadily for months on end with the new book project to have it ready for release and that day has finally arrived. From sitting on the beach journaling ideas for it three years ago, until now, the day of its launch, so many hours have been spent and I am thrilled with the end result. I can’t wait for you to have the opportunity to read the new book, it is such a step forward in my writing, and I hope readers will enjoy the story.

The book is available in print as well as digitally as an e-book. Both versions include over forty new illustrations for the chapter art and page details. All of the artwork was done by hand in pencil and I designed the cover to look like a classic novel, as I really enjoy that visual styling. And I opted to go for the glossy finish this time, as it really brought out the full range of colors in the design and mirrored the rich, deep tones of the visual elements.

For months I have kept all information regarding the character and plots completely secret. Only to now reveal that the story follows the Loch family, at the turn of the nineteenth century in a purely fictional world not unlike our own. With the story beginning on the small northern island of Carraig, where young twins William and James have lived their entire lives. Ambitious and capable, they are each forging their own path towards their destiny.

I will leave the setup and hints there, as like any book it needs to be experienced and illuminated through the lens of your own imagination! Which is one of the many things I love about reading and writing, is that it is such a fantastically personal experience and exchange. Where individual meaning can be unique to the beholder and it remains a standout way to share creativity and your vision and ideas with potentially millions of people. Beyond excited that this new work is now out in the universe to be explored and enjoyed.

And I eagerly await hearing the first wave of feedback from the early readers to the tale! As it has been percolating in isolation for a long time and is ready to meet its audience.

Defending the Kingdom Cover Art comparison

Cover art comparison between the matte (left) and glossy (right) finish for the proof copies of the first printing that I had made. I opted for the glossy cover art for the final version, which looks amazing in person.

Thanks for stopping by, catch you all next time in 2021! Happy (early) New Year!

~ CS