Will the next book be sci-fi?

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APRIL 2021 – Another month in the books, err, yeah, haha. Had intended the last three months to be time spent marketing my latest book and focusing on the business side of WaveGarden Arts. But, well, I haven’t actually done much of that as I am still trying to figure out what manner of promotion makes the most sense for me at this stage in the growth cycle of my creative work. I suppose when you don’t have one standout great solution it becomes easiest to do nothing, and that might not necessarily be that helpful either to the cause. Very happy though that two readers did rate the book on Amazon, that was so awesome to see! And the feedback that I have received from the early readers of the book has been overwhelmingly positive, so I’m incredibly appreciative of that.

Once there is some base level number of reviews/ratings of the book, say ten, I think it will make more sense to do some promotions and such. Without any reviews or responses online, it becomes too big of a gamble for readers stumbling across the title themselves or seeing it in an ad to take the leap on purchasing it. So until the base of feedback is achieved, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to put resources behind promoting it I don’t think. That is my take on it at least. Perhaps I’m off the mark there. At this stage I would just welcome people reading it and providing constructive feedback. As that can help me become a better writer in the future.

Decided that it is time to at least start a new creative journal for the next book project. Another work of fiction, with a setting and characters to be determined. While not writing, nor marketing, haha, I did pick up a book to read from the library. Snagged ‘Children of the Mind’ by Orson Scott Card. The fourth title in the Ender’s Game series, of which, the origin story is one of my favorite books. Science Fiction is always a go to genre for me when I am reading for fun. I’ve never really considered writing in that genre, but man, is it enjoyable to read when done well. When reading sci-fi from decades past (like this title from the 90s), it is cool to see what types of technology the writers envision becoming reality. And then seeing how close to the mark we have come in that intervening time. Imagine a lot of people would have guessed we’d have flying cars by 2021 if you asked them about it in the 80s. Not quite there yet though, haha.

Keep at it and I’ll be back for another update in the not-too-distant future, cheers!

~ CS