Blackstone Academy Book Banner2August Winter is leaving home for the first time. Attending the prestigious Blackstone Academy, where exceptional is the norm, and his brother’s legacy precedes him. It won’t be easy to make his mark. Especially when things don’t always go as planned and chance puts August in the line of danger. Will he respond and rise to the moment or will he be defeated by the perils of existence? Written & Illustrated by C.S. Robadue, it is a warm story of friendship, adventure, and the unexpected turns of new beginnings.

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JANUARY 2015 saw the release of ‘The Adventures of August Winter and the Blackstone Academy’! Written and Illustrated by C.S. Robadue, it follows the exploits of The Adventures of August Winter crew and provides the origin story for August Winter. Here we share in the tale of his earliest exploits with his new found friends and what trouble they get themselves into on (and off) campus.

A story of friendship, growing up, and the knowledge that not everything you’ll learn in school comes from inside of the classroom. What adventure awaits? You’ll just have to delve into the story to find out!


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Reader Reviews:

      “I loved this book! It is a very well written story of a group of friends at a private boarding school in New England. Children will appreciate the capers and mystery that the kids get into, as well as the light banter between the group of students and teachers. Adults will appreciate that they can freely let their children read this book, since there is no reason to worry about anything inappropriate, and this is something not easy to find these days! If you are looking for a junior fiction book that contains all of the elements of a great story- friendship, mystery, and lots of fun then give this one a try. I can see a great future for the kids at The Blackstone Academy and look forward to more from this author!        ~

     “C.S. Robadue has crafted a uniquely written and illustrated adventure story about a teenage boy who is off to a boarding school on the prestigious East Side of Providence. As the journey unfolds, the reader is drawn into a mysterious series of events created to enthral young readers. Honestly, I could not put the book down after reading the first five pages!”     ~