First Editions

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JANUARY 2017 – Is official, ‘The Tao of Tula and Oslo’ is now ready to be shared with the world! Very happy with how it came out after months of futzing with all the finer points. Curious about this new book? Here is the first short blurb that I’ve written about it!

Oslo Robins has always been a bit of a misfit. After his reclusive grandfather passes away and his family inherits a large estate in the countryside, his life remains anything but simple. New home, new school, means all kinds of adventures for a child of the city. When fantastical things start happening, Oslo discovers that his grandfather’s estate is hiding more than a few secrets! Written and illustrated by C.S. Robadue, it is a story of suspense, adventure, friendship, and the knowledge that there is an unseen world, that begins right where our imagination ends.

First Editions


The first edition copies of the book have already arrived! Went with the matte finish for the cover and designed it to look like an old book, that might have been lost for ages, waiting to be re-discovered. In the coming days, weeks, and months I’ll be promoting the book and getting the word out there in the hopes that people give it a chance and enjoy the story that I’ve been working on these last several years. Is so rewarding to be able to flip through the pages and recognize that all that work has born fruit.

Book is now available online for order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and soon in local (New England) bookstores.

Outside of the new book being released, I’ve been reading a lot. Would very much like 2017 to be one of my most prolific years as a reader. I’m reading ‘Trickster’s Choice’ by Tamora Pierce right now and read ‘Mistress Wilding’ by Sabatini prior to that. Want to read a few more classics next as I always seem to come back to them. Hope everyone is doing wonderfully and thank you for stopping by!

– CS

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