Winter Is Here

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FEBRUARY 2017 – With the launch of ‘The Tao of Tula and Oslo’ last month it has been a very active stretch on the WaveGarden Arts front for yours truly! I haven’t yet planned any library talks or done the broad strokes of the marketing work that needs to be done. Have sent out some copies of the book to early reviewers to get some buzz going for the project. Whether that is positive or the alternative, haha, that remains to be seen. I’m just super excited to have people reading what I’ve been working on the last two years! With the extra month or two of tweaking I put into it I am much happier with the finished piece than I would have been otherwise.

Walk in the woods in Winter


Have also started visiting local bookstores to discuss having my new book available there, which makes the launch all seem so much more real. I have a handful of others still to contact. As I add them, I’ll create links from each of the book pages on the site here for the different shops. Right now they are all located in Rhode Island here in the US, but would certainly be open to expanding that reach.

‘The Tao of Tula and Oslo’ has been catalogued by the Ocean State Library system and is now included in their collection which is phenomenal, love that! Has anyone out there had experience with submitting copies of your book to the library of congress? As that was suggested to me and I might look into that as well. Plenty to do!

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