Spring Wanderlust

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MARCH 2017 – Closing out the month and the Goodreads Giveaway for a signed copy of ‘The Tao of Tula and Oslo’ by yours truly! The drawing is on April 1st and one random winner will be selected, so if you are reading this at posting, I’ll include a link down below to the giveaway if you’d like to enter. Have received a few more reviews of the book that I am very appreciative of as it is great to get some feedback after working largely inside of a vacuum for two years, haha. Not literally thankfully, as that would be awkward, but until the release of the book, only myself and my editor had read it.

Atlantic OceanThese past few weeks I’ve really been feeling the wanderlust and wanting to go hiking and mountain climbing. Have taken a few short excursions to some coastal bird sanctuaries which have been an excellent opening act for additional nature exploration in 2017. This coming weekend I’m planning what likely will be a muddy hike given all the rain that has been urging the grass and trees to turn green lately!

Books on the Square in Providence RI is going to be the first local bookstore that is carrying ‘The Tao of Tula and Oslo’ so I would like to extend them a special thanks! They are always so wonderful to work with and very welcoming of local authors.

Definitely need to expand the reach and add other bookstores to the mix. Find myself really wanting to get back to writing and work on a third book. But I am also very proud of ‘The Tao of Tula and Oslo’ and would love to see more people have a chance to read it. So I’m going to plan some library talks and see how it goes. Have a couple libraries in mind to ask and will post about it on the website here once those dates/times become available.

Have been lent a lot of books to read by my friends that have cut the line in my ‘books to read’ list, haha. Right now I’m reading ‘Beka Cooper’ by Tamora Pierce, which has been written as a series of journal entries. Can see some similarities to it and other books in Pierce’s Tortall Universe, and early on there is a lot to like in this entry.

As always, if anyone has any book recommendations or hiking recommendations (in New England ideally for practical purposes, haha, but elsewhere if it is world class trek!) I’d certainly like to hear about them in the comment section.

As promised, here is the link to the Goodreads Giveaway for ‘The Tao of Tula and Oslo’! Hope everyone’s Spring (for those readers in the Northern Hemisphere, happy Fall to you fair readers in the Southern Hemisphere!) is off to a brilliant start and I’m sure I’ll be posting again soon!

– CS


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