2017’s Shadow

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DECEMBER 2017 – Has been a momentous year, feel like the world has changed drastically, and there is much to still learn! I’d like to stop and thank everyone who has been so generous and shared their time, enthusiasm, vitality, encouragement, and passion with me. I’m incredibly fortunate to have amazing friends, co-workers, and such a wonderful family, you are the energy behind all the happiness in my life, and I thank you for it. Here’s to a sensational year ahead of growth and imagination. As there is so much potential, so much capacity for making this life that we share all the more gratifying, and I want to play my part. I have been sitting on a lot of ideas that I intend to bring to fruition, you won’t want to miss it.

Christmas TreeClosed out the year with a focus on the holidays and a bit of travel. Did squeeze in a bit of reading in my downtime and can claim to have wrapped my imagination around a few more plot lines. Opted for a healthy dose of fun fiction reads, first of which was ‘Ender’s Shadow’ by Orson Scott Card that I picked up after it was highly recommended to me. His signature title ‘Ender’s Game’ is one of my favorite books, so it was cool to re-read the story from a different vantage point (that of Bean’s) in ‘Ender’s Shadow’ which is the first of a whole new spin-off series of titles, that I can venture down in the future.

Additionally I read Charlie Higson’s ‘By Royal Command’, which is the fifth in his young James Bond series which I have quite enjoyed reading all the installments of over the years. This edition takes Bond and his classmates at Eton College (which I also very much so want to visit!) to the Austrian Alps where we see the beginnings of Bond’s acclimation to all things skiing. Which perhaps may also be in my future one day… I’m curious to possibly continue reading the series, which has since been picked up by other authors, but in the meantime I want to give Charlie Higson a tip of the hat for doing such a smashing job with these five titles, they were most enjoyable to read sir!

Happy New Year Everyone!

– CS

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  1. Hey Chris, I checked out your website and see that you work on it, Wavegardenarts is not dead :).
    I hope your year is startet like you want it. See the last days some videos on your channel, canĀ“t believe that so many years are gone.

    Kind regards

  2. Hey Matthias!
    Haha, yes WaveGarden Arts is still alive and well. Have pondered the possibility of potentially making youtube videos again at some point. My old camera required a capture card to get the footage on my PC, so I’d have to get a new camera, but I haven’t ruled this out.

    Has been an excellent start to the year, hope yours has been equally enjoyable!

    Thanks for the comment and for checking out the site, did a re-design of it a couple years back. Time sure does fly, still seems ‘new’ to me, but I just checked and it was almost four years ago, haha.
    – CS

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