Mother Nature

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JULY 2019 – Been a lull in the creative action here this month, lots of attention spent in other arenas of my life, work, family, etc. Do think at some levels, these breaks could potentially lead to a further backlog of creative energy. At the least it has me realizing that I need to make it a bigger priority in my every day routine, as it can be so easy for weeks to go by where no time is set aside for art and creating.

Did go to an Art Festival last week and that was cool to see. Hundreds of vendors highlighting the pieces that they’ve created, was all sorts of mediums on display, painting, photography, pottery, jewelry, knitting, and printmaking. I am definitely a bit of a sucker for large scale paintings, as they can have such a strong visual impact on a space, and some of the most engaging pieces I saw were large scale landscapes. There was some tiny landscape paintings, like this street light series at night in the rain, that I quite loved.

More walks in the park have opened me up to a lot of beautiful foliage, mother nature really is in a class all by herself for spectacular landscapes! As much as us artists might try to capture that and replicate it in our art 🙂 And wow, I have never seen so many fireflies at night as I have this year, has been wonderful!

Book this month has been ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl, which is a heavy read in terms of the content, as it is an account of his time in a Nazi Concentration camp during WWII. I had read it some years ago, but when I saw it on the shelf recently, I wanted to give it another read, as it has such a powerful impact. Been reading a lot of gripping books lately, as it is so easy to lose sight of the struggle in life faced by others and get caught up in the minutia of the mundane and look at it as obstacles. Knowing others have overcome great adversity can be so inspiring, in those moments when you feel like nothing is possible.

Will leave this post there, but I hope all is well in your world fair reader, and here’s to a burst of creativity for us all!

~ CS

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