Island to Ocean

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AUGUST 2019 – Creativity is swelling these days, August evenings have been very good to me thus far this month. Honing in on the direction for my new book project as I was tempted to completely change it from what I had written thus far. As I wasn’t sure I wanted to write something more in-depth for an older audience yet, but have returned to my original course and think it will be a good reach for me to attempt.

Made a check of some of the contemporary authors that I read to see if they have new books coming out that I can look forward to this fall, and I’m always floored at the rate at which say Brandon Sanderson is able to write material. He is such a methodical writer with status bars on his website of where he is at with his projects, I really admire that discipline and the way he hones his craft. [I don’t have that, as people would be tapping the screen constantly, wondering why the progress meter isn’t moving on my writing projects, haha] For those of you that subscribe to the 10,000 hours to mastery, Sanderson must have flown past that years ago with his work ethic. Tip of the hat sir!

Narragansett Bay

Gorgeous bit of the Rhode Island coastline, so beautiful (pictured above). Picking up a bit of inspiration for future writing projects? Perhaps! At the least the fresh air always helps me feel more alive and as such have more to write about and reinforces that pull to be creative. Whether that be in the kitchen, at the computer, or sitting with paper and pencil in hand. Speaking of which, I’m really excited about having a new drafting table! Dug out some of my art supplies from storage to go with it for the office space re-design that I want to do this coming Fall.

As noted in an earlier update, I have been wanting to do more non-fiction reading. I really like how it gives my mind new concepts to chew on and for when I can’t be taking courses at the University, it allows me to continue to grow intellectually. Snagged a copy of ‘Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future’ by Stanford University products Peter Thiel & Blake Masters, which was a very illuminating read. Has given me a new perspective of how to extend a critical eye towards looking at the role of technology in the world and the rate at which we as a species are making progress. Evaluating the impact globalization has had on technological advancement and what pushes us forward by leaps and bounds. And are we making the right moves towards the future and if people want to help reshape the world, what should they do to create an instrument to do so (at least in the business world). Worth picking up if you are interested in entrepreneurship and what Thiel believes will help catapult humanity forward.

Carving out space in a brand new market is an exciting prospect. Here’s to you fair reader, hope all is well in your world. Thanks for stopping by!

~ CS

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