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SEPTEMBER 2019 – Lots of web-design work has been on my to do list of late, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Which while meh in a lot of ways, also means productivity, so it has been an active month of trade-offs. With the frequent escape to the outdoors for long walks while the weather remains inviting. Been really getting into design more and more, which has always been one of my favorite things, I’m just directing it in a more precise way these days.

Have never discussed that in-depth on the site here my love of all things architecture, it really is such a passion of mine. From drawing floor plans of fantastical houses when I was a kid, to orchestrating vacations around seeing glorious ancient stone structures, I seem to be drawn to it with this invisible, binding, attraction. To stoke these creative, building design fires, I am taking two online courses in Architecture for my own enjoyment. One on sustainable building practices and the other on the Architectural Imagination, have really been getting into it, and intend to take more in the future. Though I have to say, having a well written book in hand to go over and absorb, goes a long way for me too.

Hobbitt Tree

This time of year always draws me into a whimsical state, where I’m excited about fantasy and sci-fi works. And find this (see photo) delightful Hobbit tree on one of my walks was fantastic. My compliments to the architect as well as all the happy tree nook dwellers! In the spirit of Fantasy/Sci-fi I picked up the classic book, Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’, as surprisingly I had never read this benchmark in the science fiction genre. Considered as the epitome of the science fiction realm, and infinitely referenced throughout pop culture, it was great to drive into.

I had been aware of the work for many years, played the 90s Dune PC game, and knew the general plot of the story, just from sheer cultural osmosis. But to pick it up (a beautifully rendered hardcover, with this incredible design by Alex Trochut) and experience it for myself in it’s entirety for the first time, was most enjoyable. The 600+ pages of quality door-stopper fiction went by in a blink of an eye. As I’m reading chapters while eating my oatmeal for breakfast, while I’m falling to sleep at night, and while waiting for every other bit of life to play catch up with me, haha.

For Sci-fi fans, a must read! And if you enjoy it, I heard there are upwards of 20 sequels and other stories in the Dune Universe. As Frank Herbert continued on the series after the success of his 1965 Dune debut with multiple sequels. And then his son Brian Herbert and co-author Kevin J. Anderson have carried the torch and expanded the stories and landscape of the richly woven world of giant sand worms, deception, and spice!

This month has also brought a return to sketching being a regular part of my life, which has been a complete joy. Have only done a couple (of houses), but I so loved getting out my art supplies and sitting at my drafting table and puttering with 2D pencil drawings. Will certainly be doing more of that in the coming months as I want to make it a regular thing. Other fun side-projects include greening up the house here with a lot more plants and things that grow. Have lots of ivy, palms, pothos, and even some peppers making the place that much cheerier. Highly recommend bringing some more life into your home, having that touch of nature is most calming. For those of us who can’t live inside of a giant tree like our Hobbit friends here, haha.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

~ CS


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