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OCTOBER 2019 – Seasons change as we embrace Autumn and all the festivities that come with it! Been a scattered and busy month with a lot of work and travel on the table for getting things done and being productive. Took a trip to New York City this month, which never fails to be a lively experience with a lot of sensory information to onboard. Made a point to visit some of the new and exciting architecture that has been popping up around Manhattan. Most noteworthy, the work of Bjarke Ingels and his team of architects and designers at BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), as they continue to push the zeitgeist of building design further and further with their designs. Building in an eco-euro-modernism type style, with emphasis on occupant livability, monumental designs with their use of shapes and counter organization, and of course European sensibilities to include gardens and Scandinavian charm.

Had wanted to see Via 57 West, which was the first building that BIG designed in New York City and was finished in 2016. The pyramidal skyscraper is such a departure for the skyline of New York with it’s striking tetrahedron shape, reaching a height of 467 feet at it’s pinnacle. Within the core of the building there is a courtyard and green space, it was fun to see the building up close and observe it from a distance as it really feels like a landmark on the horizon. It is part of a whole new movement to revitalize the Western half of Manhattan with exciting work, including the Hudson Yards area, and the highline which is such a fun way to walk through the city.

VIA 57 West

Other exciting structures include ‘The Shed’ arts center in Hudson Yards, which is next to the Vessel, which I’ve talked about before. The Shed is an adjustable and scaling building that is built on large wheels that allows it expand out into the plaza. When I visited, it was being setup for a concert and extended out into the plaza, creating a vast interior space for live events to take place. It was designed by lead architect Diller, Scofidio, and Renfro who are NYC based architects. All part of the imaginative cityscape that is coming together in the city, which is really cool to visit.

Been reading a lot lately and I just finished ‘Lightning’ by Dean Koontz, having never read one of his books before. Was an exciting suspense thriller that definitely defied expectations as to the direction of the plot. Gotta love a plot twist, haha. Have picked up some other books since as I’m switching in some non-fiction into the mix for the rest of the month. That’s the latest, hope everyone is doing brilliantly and thanks for stopping by! Lots of design work underway.

~ CS

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