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NOVEMBER 2019 – Been sitting at my desk working like crazy this month, so many projects for the office, everything is humming right along with productivity amping up. Want to pause here and take a moment to say thank you to everyone for all the support for my artwork that I have received, it is always humbling, and incredibly appreciated. There is something so incredibly satisfying about bringing to fruition an image or concept that is in your mind and to give it a life of it’s own.

After a lot of consideration, I have come to terms with the modifications necessary to allow my selection of Juvenile Fiction books and have them be e-books. I have always been reticent to go that route as the formatting of the illustrations never looked very good to my eye. With the proportions and spacing of the drawings within the text seeming incorrect (versus the print version where I was able to customize it as I wished). And I didn’t want to make a version of the book that didn’t include the illustrations to be sold (versus having it available for free).

All of that said, I worked on the e-book versions of the work a lot more and re-did the formatting after doing more research on how to include illustrations in e-books. Thus I am happy to say that the full library of C.S. Robadue books are now available as drm (digital rights management) free versions for sale online. I set the prices as low as it would allow me to on the platform and have added bookmarks and accessibility features to the books.

Tudor Gothic Architecture

Always in search of beautiful architecture, I have been exploring historic buildings and locations of distinct merit and excellence. This month I read a book called ‘The Wright Style’ by Carla Lind, about American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, perhaps the most favorite architect in American history. Wright and his design team completed over 500 building commissions in his life, which is an extraordinaire breadth of work. ‘The Wright Style’ offers up profiles of a selection of his standout works, that are to be found across the country. Highlighting his organic architecture style and building structures that are in sympathy with nature and connected to the landscape in which they have been constructed.

Going through this book has heightened my interest in visiting more buildings designed by the late architect, so look for posts regarding that in the coming years. Those that know me, will certainly recognize my longtime interest in architecture and design. I have for years designed houses on paper and digitally that I would someday love to build. That passion remains and ideas further distilled with the more brilliant work and monumental pieces of design I see and digest.

Here’s to a wonderful Thanksgiving ahead, my warmest wishes to you all!

~ CS

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